Balluster Railing Systems

Balluster Railing Systems, or post mount railings, are a classic design for guard rails and railings.  Furthermore, they offer versatility that can be adapted to any project location. J.R.E Hardware utilizes a component-based supply system where we can design your railings to the architecturally specified dimensions.  In addition to supplying hardware, we also facilitate glass orders.  For balluster railing systems we recommend glass thickness of 10mm to 12mm with clear tempered panels, with a maximum span of 42 – 48″.  Height requirements vary whether you are installing an interior or exterior railing or guard rail.  Looking to add some privacy into your deck or balcony?  We can add satin etched or tinted glass panels.  Another feature we offer is the option to powder coat your hardware to suit your home decor.  We can work with you to build your custom interior or exterior railings when you contact our Sales Team.

Post-mount railing systems typically include; post bases (top mount or fascia mount), posts, post caps or, post mount hand rail, glass clamps, glass panels, handrail and handrail brackets.  Alternatively, if glass isn’t what you’re looking for, check out our Horizontal Rod Railing Systems! We manufacture our components using 316 alloy stainless steel and offer items in a round or square profile. Without a doubt, we have what you need to install a stainless steel, long-lasting, durable & high-quality system.

Finally, all items are in stock.  No long waits, no back orders.  If we have it here, we can ship it to you within a few days or less.