Wine rooms & feature spaces aren’t just for the rich and famous

Wine Feature

Wine rooms can add value to your home.

Wine has steadily increased in popularity over the last decade as many consumers are moving from domestic beers and ready-to-drink alcohol beverages to more full bodied options.  It has also become more accessible with many more points of purchase and varieties available and let’s not forget, going straight to the source of your local wineries and enjoying a sip in their tasting room. For some, wine is more than just a beverage, it’s a collectable.  Bottles from vacations, favorite varietals, wines that bring back memories, limited editions or maybe it’s just about having a bunch of wine on display for all to see.  Collecting wine takes time, consideration and passion.  Displaying your collection should take the same amount of consideration as selecting beautiful wine.

We have the hardware to make your wine feature dreams a reality

wine rack
Wine room featuring JRE Hardware’s 689 Black Iron Door Pull

The team at JRE Hardware is excited to help bring a wine feature display into your home or next construction project.  We currently offer our wine feature systems in two formats; fixed wine racks or stand-alone wine pegs sets.  Our 12-bottle wine racks offers that easy-to-install, wine feature in a snap.  Simply measure out the two sides, anchor the hardware and where there was once a bare wall… is a stunning wine feature!  Our stand-alone wine pegs offer more versatility to your layout and display preferences; label out or cork out?  1 bottle display or two?  Matte black or brushed brass?  Through glass or directly into a wall? We carry several styles to suit your needs.

Come in to the showroom and see for yourself

In our Nanaimo showroom, we’ve installed our wine feature hardware to illustrate just how easy it is to put a special wine feature in any home.  Perhaps instead of a lattice style wine holder built into the kitchen millwork, consider something like this, with a bit more of a contemporary edge. 

wine racks
JRE Showroom wine feature display

While you’re here, let us show you how our other architectural hardware products can be used to create a one of a kind wine room. We stock hinges and clips in a variety of finishes to build your glass enclosure. Bring everything together with one of our classic back-to-back ladder pulls. If a smaller scale project is what you’re looking for, we can help you plan out a display using our new synchronized MDF laminated panels. Adding a small wine feature, or an entire wine room can add value to home.  When selling your home, adding a feature such as this can be considered a customized upgrade and helps your home stand out in prospective buyers’ memory.  When you’re building or renovating consider that this will automatically give your home that high-end feel for you and for guests to your home. 

Get creative!

wine racks

But let’s just take a minute to explore other ways in which this hardware could be used.  Many of you may have seen on our Instagram page recently a photo of local store, Maison Cookware + Bakeware, who used our pegs to hold their beautifully intricate rolling pins.  So, why stop there?  Why not use these to hold or display cooking oils or vinegars?  These are a just a few ways in which our hardware shows multi-purpose versatility.

Wine pegs and racks are available for purchase on our website or by contacting your sales representative.  Let us help you plan your next wine feature project.