JRE Hardware Inc. Announces Glacier Lite Panels – IN STOCK!

Jul 10, 2023 | Railings

With the cost of [literally] everything rising to unknown heights, JRE Hardware has found a way to decrease the cost of the glass railing portion of your next project.  “How?” you ask?  Allow us to introduce Glacier Lites Mirror & Glass Supply Co. our source for large volume, tempered glass panels and annealed 6mm mirror glass. We have brought in panels for a variety of our railing systems making us a one stop shop for a complete supply package.

Let’s get into a little more detail about what all of this means using a few of our railing systems as an example.

Glass Stand Off Frameless Glass Railing System

JRE Hardware has been well known for the quality of our solid or adjustable, 316 stainless steel two-inch diameter glass stand offs.  They come in a variety of projections with some sizes being offered in matte black.  This product has also undergone

pre-engineering testing which benefits the customer or installer in several ways, specifically during Inspection or site-specific Engineering stages.   During this testing, two means of re-enforcing the panels were presented to ensure the system would meet Engineering requirements; mall clamps at the top of the panel or our structural cap rail.  As a quick rule of thumb, each panel requires two pairs of stand offs that are mounted an adequate substrate.

We have full stock of all of our stand offs, clamps and cap rail… and now we’re stocking up on a variety of widths in our 12mm laminated glass stand off panels (6mm on 6mm tempered, with 0.76 PVB interlayer) all of which are made to a 52” height with holes pre-cut for easy install.  Should additional sizing be required, we have the means to order custom panels at approximately a 2-week turnaround.  The cost of these panels are subject to our Supplier’s pricing however, our Glacier Lites panels can be as low as $295 each.

Exterior Spigot Frameless Glass Railing System

Moving along to another one of our pre-engineered systems – the glass spigot.  This is one of our most versatile products that we carry as it can be used for various applications such as; railing and pool enclosures.  

We’ve stocked up on 12mm laminated panels (6mm on 6mm tempered, with 0.76 PVB interlayer) ranging in widths all made to 40.5” height.  This allows for these panels to also be used in our exterior top mount Slimline baseshoe, exterior top mount post system (square and round), as well as for our interior fascia mount post systems.

Again, pricing per panel is around $295.

For both of these glass panel types we estimate that frameless glass railing systems using our stainless-steel hardware and the new glass panels could be in the range of $125 per lineal foot.

To start your project quote, call us at (250) 824-5555 or send us an email at info@jrehardware.com