Canopy Solid Bar – 10mm

SS 316 Glass Canopy Solid Bar, 10mm Thick, 1524mm Length, Pre-Threaded

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Discover the perfect synergy of style and stability with our Point Fixing Hardware, the ideal choice for supporting your frameless glass canopy. Designed with a keen eye for aesthetics, these fixtures offer a sleek and contemporary appearance while delivering unparalleled strength and load-bearing capacity. Enjoy uninterrupted views and a feeling of openness, knowing that our precision-engineered Point Fixing Hardware guarantees the utmost safety and durability. Enhance your outdoor space with confidence and sophistication today.

This easy to use high quality glass canopy hardware is versatile and suitable for many applications. When used with laminated glass product with a thickness of 10mm to 25mm it makes for a minimally visible but highly functional glass canopy.

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Weight 2.27 kg
Dimensions 1524 mm