12mm Laminated Glass Panel for Glass Spigot System


12mm laminated glass panel for JRE Hardware’s glass spigot, frameless railing system.  Best suited for exterior use as panel height is 42″ after installation.  Can also be used with these other JRE Hardware railing systems:

  • Fascia Mount Railing Bracket (Mini Post)
  • Exterior Top Mount Baseshoe (Slimline Baseshoe)
  • Exterior Top Mount Balluster Post
  • Interior Fascia Mount Post

Specifications: 6mm clear tempered glass laminated to 6mm clear tempered glass with an 0.76 PVB interlayer.  “PVB” or Poly Vinyl Butyral is a tough plastic resin that is used in between two panes of glass to bond them together.

Additional information

Panel Size

36 x 40.5, 38 x 40.5, 39 x 40.5, 42 x 40.5, 45 x 40.5, 48 x 40.5